The Uganda Community in Norway


The Uganda Community in Norway is an organisation for all Ugandans with a connection to Norway. The association was founded in april 2001. Ugandans in Norway have earlier been organised in other associations. 

National day celebration

The association arranged a very successful national day celabration on 9 October 2001 at Safari Club in Oslo. Among the guests were the Ugandan Ambassador to Scandinavia, Mr. Omar Migadde Lubulwa, and a prominent member of the family of the Kabaka in Buganda. Guests from NOFU were also present. All those attending were impressed with the function.


Cultural Exchange

To work for cultural exhange activities between Norway and Uganda is a goal for of the organisation. There is a great potential for learning more about each others traditions and arts, and the Uganda Community in Norway hope to contribute to this by e.g. arranging visits to Norway by Ugandan artists. The Uganda Community can also try to arrange for lectures or entertainment on request.


The board

The committee in charge of the Uganda Community as of late 2001 consists of:
Acting Chairperson Justine Oboth, e-mail:, phones 91630503 and 22259657
Segujja John Eddie Galabuzi, e-mail:, phone 95267829
Wamala Norah, phones 22152560 and 41041035
Lizzy Namuleme, e-mail:, phones 90984746 and 22152560

The board may also be reached at

2 tanker om “The Uganda Community in Norway

  1. Iwould like to know how some one like me can get to be a member of the ugandans in the norway community and what are the requirements because am a ugandan at uganda christian university Mbale study centre but i admire staying in norway.thnks

  2. Hullo Mr. Oboth
    Greetings. I am intending to travel to Norway Bergen by June. I wish to visit you if possible. I shall also need some help while I am there. Please let me know somethin more.
    Best wishes

    Gift Patrick

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